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AMA#4 Audio Transcription📝

AMA#4 Audio Transcription📝

Hello and Welcome all Gamers to our Monthly Meeting .


thank you all for joining


The meeting schedule will be as follows

First section  : Gamers Stake2Earn

Second Section :  How it works .  

Third  Section : Next Moves  

Fourth  Section : Free time to answer all questions .



Now Lets start with the first section about  Stake2Earn

Before we talk about our unique Stake2Earn , lets define what is staking first .

Staking is a popular way to earn passive income with your crypto investments,Staking offers crypto holders a way of putting their digital assets to work and earning passive income without needing to sell them.

There are multiple places you can deposit your coins and begin staking to earn rewards. However, the most common classic ways are through a network’s mechanism or a DeFi protocol.

But what are  the risks of classic  staking ?

  • Market Risk

the biggest risk that investors face when staking cryptocurrency is a potential adverse price movement in the assets they are staking.

  • Slashing

Slashing is a common risk on PoS blockchains. If a PoS blockchain validator fails to validate properly, both the validator and the delegators could lose part of their staked tokens or rewards. This is the case if the validator has downtime or double signs on the network.

  • Malicious attacks

Wallet attacks and scams are common in the decentralized space. When users stake their tokens themselves, they should understand the risk of dealing with external wallets, platforms, and actors.


  • Technical requirements

Some blockchains have complicated technical requirements for those who want to stake in their consensus mechanisms. An incorrectly set up wallet may lead to a user’s loss of assets due to the wrong configuration.


  • Liquidity Pools Risks

you can be a liquidity provider by staking your assets for a certain pair(pool) and earn transaction fees and flexible interest , but is very high-risk and may even result in a loss if the price of the currency fluctuated really badly


  • smart contract risks

in defi , Once assets have been added to a liquidity or staking  pool, they are controlled by a smart contract, with no central authority . So, if a bug or some kind of miscoding occurs, the coins could be lost for good.


  • Lending Risks

Yes you heard it right , many of the defi and exchanges use your staked assets on lending or 3rdparty earn yields , which make high risks of losing your staked assets .




Ok now after we checked the risks involved in classic staking , How Can Gamers Stake2Earn Help?





To help reduce these risks, Stake2Earn offers some protections to Gamers :

Market Risk : the fiat value of the staked tokens will be locked , which means no matter how much the price of the staked assets fluctuate , your fiat value will remain the same due to the unique value locking mechanism .

Slashing Risk: Gamers Stake2earn takes on all slashing risks for users. This promise means that the same amount of tokens that a user staked will be returned to them

Wallet Attacks and Scams: Gamers reduce their risk significantly of wallet attacks, scams, or theft when operating through GamersPortal ,Without needing to move funds yourself or manually stake, you can let us perform these tasks for you.

Technical Risk: Stake2Earn provides simple, one-click-to-stake functionality for major cryptocurrencies. You can also quickly receive, remove, or reinvest your staking rewards without any complex technical knowledge







Now lets check How it works :

As we said our Stake2Earn is very unique , and I will brief it first as points based on  the earning scenarios :

  • Play2Earn Teams .
  • BTC Mining
  • NFT’s / Metaverse Avatars




  • Play2Earn Teams :

When using stake2earn , you will have a chance to hire professional world class gaming teams to earn from play2earn modules and share the rewards , this is one of a kind scenario never done before , based on the contract level you choose you decide the level of the gaming team to hire which means more profits for both sides .

With this mechanism you earn passive income from play2earn world without the need to be a professional gamer , let the Gamers play for you !


  • BTC Mining

Using the stake2earn you have the opportunity to enter the BTC cloud mining world , no complex hardware needed , no maintenance , only pure profit from cloud mining powered by Gateio mining pools .

  • NFT’s / Metaverse Avatars

From stake2Earn you will get unique NFT’s and Avatars , Our NFTs are not just pretty pictures; there is a utility behind every one of them , , that will give you great profit and benefits



About Next moves

Our short term steps:

  • Stage 6 of ICO is running , any unfilled tokens will be bought by top investors also used in Stealth sale.
  • Stealth Sale , our old Gamers know what it means , and for the new Gamers , stealth sale is our unique sale to reward gamers , as you will have the option to buy Gamers token with very special price , it’s based on random mechanism which means it will appear on random times during the month and stays open for limited time window between 8 hours to 24 hours .
  • We keep adding new games to portal , and as we promised it’s being added on monthly bases .
  • Code and financial audits are  in progress , as you can see we already finished KYC and business audits , but financial audit takes time as it goes deep in the financial status of the project , and needs a lot of attention , as for code audit it’s ongoing process which means live updates to code are given to audit company to review and give advice , which will help make better code .
  • Stake2Earn will be live next month .
  • Our multi chain integration is doing great , which means in future you will have many options of chains to choose from while interacting with portal .

As usual we will keep you updated on all our progress through our announcements and monthly meeting .




And now for our great community questions ,:


question from  wahyuprastio

Conventional games are inconvenient for game management. They are known for lack of transparency.  They allow rich players buy items that will make them progress in the game faster than poor players. How #GAMERS playing ground for players to enable healthy competition among players of all kinds?

Ok , real games cost a lot of money , and triple A publishers need revenues to keep updating wonderful games , also gaming is for fun and players pay to have fun , now with GamersPortal we try our best to balance things between both sides , with revenue stream for gamers , and tournaments where players compete against same level competitors which give fair play  for all .






question from  spanser77

Do you plan to burn any tokens after pre-sale is done to ensure the higher token value? And to keep the price of in-game token cause it will be suffered from inflation?

Yes , after the full launch of the portal , 25% of revenues will go to buy back and burn token to avoid inflation , also we need to clear that Gamers token it self is only utility token for the portal services and get levels , not rewarded from play2earn , rewarding stream from play2earn is unique as you will get other token and NFT’s but not the Gamers token , the percentage you see in token distribution  is only for special events and tournaments used as marketing for the project in Gaming world,  we will update our whitepaper soon to explain in details the whole business model to avoid misunderstanding .



question from TC131

What is the procedure we need to follow so we can have a game listed on play2earn?

Now we choose the games to integrate with carefully , first thing we look at is how many  active players actually playing the game , also the game must have a secure working API so we can start integrating , last but not least our review team of professional gamers should approve it as (fun game) , which means it should be a good game to have fun in the first place not a game to work on it .


question from Maxwell800

nft or defi there is always risk for pump and dump, How can we be reassured that this not cause a big dump when we reach a good price

nice question , yes you are right , that’s why we have Vesting periods , using vesting we make sure there will be no big dumps , and with each block of tokens released , we have marketing and financial  strategies  so the market balance the price through supply and demand ratio . 


We have 2 questions from bukharisadia

First question :

hello ,i hear a lot One of the limitations of some P2E games is that they require a high initial investment to start playing, many of which are very expensive. Can we start playing  with small capital? Will there be any discounts or benefits for early adopters?

Yes I hear that too , hhh , actually that’s the whole idea behind Gamers , you play games to have fun not to work , and that’s one of the problems blockchains games currently have , you need to invest to play then earn , with gamers portal you don’t need that , you play your favorite games and participate in tournaments to earn that’s it  , the benefits for early adopters that you will get better levels of earning ratios , unique NFT’s with limited editions, getting Gamers token with special price and bonuses , special tournaments only for early adopters , Special Avatars for early adopters that will not be released again .


Second question:

Do you take community feedback and try to improve your project accordingly, how do you prioritize community feed back, because most of the new project are only worried about investment?

Yes , we give high priority to our Gamers community feedback , we always get msgs from gamers with suggestions and ideas on how to improve , we take it seriously and many of what you see now were  from gamers ideas not just the team , we give priority to feedbacks based on which it’s relevant to the current development stage  , but all feedback are appreciated and even if it was not implemented now , it’s added to worksheet to consider when we get to relevant development stage .





question from  Perkles:

How many tokens I need to become or participate as a node validator

If you are asking in general , each coin has  it’s own conditions , so you need to check for each coin like Cardano , now if you are asking about Gamers token , we don’t have our own blockchain yet , we are building  multi chain network , so we don’t use node validators , our stake2earn module is unique gaming staking.




ok hope I answered all your questions  , Thank you all for joining,


Thank you all see you later .