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AMA#5 Audio Transcription📝

AMA#5 Audio Transcription📝

Hello and Welcome all Gamers to our Monthly Meeting .


thank you all for joining


The meeting schedule will be as follows

First section  : How Projects Survive in Bear Market !

Second Section :  How We Will Handle the Bear Market    

Third  Section : Next Moves  

Fourth  Section : Answer  Community  questions .



Now Lets start with the first section about  How to survive bear market as a project

lets first define what is bear market  .

The term bear market refers to a negative trend in the prices of a market. It is widely used not only in the cryptocurrency space but also in the traditional markets, such as stocks .

Bear markets are defined as a period of time where supply is greater than demand, confidence is low, prices are falling , and projects disappear.

It’s difficult to predict when the bear market might end and when the bottom price has been reached — as rebounding is usually a slow process that can be influenced by many external factors such as economic growth, investor psychology, and world news or events.

But Bear Market also can present opportunities for both investors and projects, After all, if your investment strategy is long-term, buying or working harder during a bear market can pay off when the cycle reverses itself.


So what projects should do to survive ?

  • Protect cash reserves , protect cash reserves, protect cash reserves.

Cash for any project is the main key to survive , if the project does not have clear plan (how and on what)  they will use the cash, then at any moment, they will find themselves out of cash to make any development to the project .

  • In any case, DON'T trade with your investor's funds, that's one of the top reasons projects fail.
  • Next, it's important that the project has a solid business model, that can attract new investors from out of the crypto world , as in bear market generally most of outside of crypto world will be afraid to enter if they don’t believe that you have something new to offer .
  • Cut the unneeded costs , for example don’t push all your marketing budget to the max while nobody is ready to hear about crypto while it’s crashing !
  • Shut Off External Voices , With many comments and analyses made by various investors, pundits, and crypto influencers, keeping your cool in a nose-diving market might be challenging. However, your decisions during this time can significantly impact your long-term success. Therefore, teams should be careful about who they  listen to and what they  read, as they may confuse them  to make the wrong decisions.

Teams should Always remind themselves of why they started the crypto project , Never forget that tough times never last. They  must learn to keep a clear head for long-term success.

  • More Development focus , these times are better to focus on development, which will make a good advance for the project in the next bull run .




Ok, now let's discuss  How We Will Handle the Bear Market    ?

Gamers Team had plans from day one for the bear market , as when we made our roadmap , we put in mind that we could start with bear market , so nothing new for us, and everything we do is done according to plans .

That’s why we have professional teams for financials and marketing to adjust everything and spend only what is needed to reserve the cash .

In marketing-wise,we cut our crypto marketing budget and shifted all the cash to future marketing budgets, also focused on gaming communities not crypto to attract gamers that already playing the games we are integrating with , which will give better exposure for the project .

Also as we announced before, we are focusing on development during these times , so we speed up some of project aspects development was intended in future to be finished sooner .

Even during these hard times, we already have wonderful supporters and believers that always push the project , which make us work harder to not disappoint them .


We thank you all for your support , and we will make sure that everything goes according to plan and timeline.





Ok now about next moves :

  • Stage 7 of ICO is running , along with stealth sale which made great success.
  • We have discussions with big game studio to integrate all their AAA Games with GamersPortal.
  • Stake2Earn will open for the community next month .
  • New Security update for the portal .
  • New modules development.
  • In-game items integration.


As usual we will keep you updated on all our progress through our announcements and monthly meeting .




Now community questions ,:


question from  maxpain

hello , I see that you have on portal top games with huge number of players , what you will do to attract them use the portal to play ?

nice , you are right , that’s why we choose these games in the first place , those players are already playing these games , so our marketing approach is that why you don’t earn from your gaming time while playing your favorite games , they don’t need to do anything except connecting their in-game username with portal username to start earning , so we only need to give them trust with project and it’s legit so they start using it .


question from  hellokitty99

Do you plan to integrate some mobile games not just pc games ?

Yes , of course , these are on our plans and it will be possible only after we launch the mobile apps version of the portal ,but first we need to finish fully working version on pc to jump to mobile apps .



question from charmgirls08

No one can achieve anything valuable on its own, please tell us about your current and future partnerships that will lead you to success in this highly cramped crypto space?

nice question , and it’s 100% correct , that’s why we have always have discussions with many top companies to make partnerships to help both sides , we focus mainly about gaming world at the moment as that’s important for the project in the near future , but we plan to make crypto partnerships for sure when time comes and it help the project .


question from minuscelsius

when you thing next bull market will be ?

actually, nobody knows that, but what you should do is to have plans for every scenario , so whatever happens you have plan to deal with it .






ok hope I answered all your questions  , Thank you all for joining,


Thank you all see you later .