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📣January Plan Updates📣

📣January Plan Updates📣


📣January Plan Updates📣 :

🎯Development :
- We have made some design and bug fixing , and added new security layer on Gamers Portal V2 .
- ICO is Live .
- ICO System will have major updates regarding security .
- Metaverse Page is ready and we are filling it with Gamers Meta info 🔥🔥
- Development of Stake2Earn,Gamers Forum,AMA System are in progress .
- Gamers Newsletter is in final stages .

🎯Community :
_ Shill2Earn Event is making great success , Thank you all participants !
- Gamers Army Registration will be open soon , full details will be posted stay tuned !
- We are making final touch on New Airdrop !
- Will Announce December Contest Winners soon , we are making final audit before posting .
- Big surprise with New Year Gifts for GAMERS Holders
- Our Community is getting bigger day after day , thank you for support , lets make this community heaven of Gamers !

🎯Marketing :
- Gamers Token ICO is getting listed on many websites(First class) , and more are coming , which will make our sound be heard

- With market healing Social Media Campaigns will start again and be rising incrementally through time .

- We are in negotiations with many influencers and businesses to adopt Gamers Mission 🔥🔥🔥