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🌎MARS Metaverse🌎

🌎MARS Metaverse🌎

MARS Metaverse Announcement

Gamer NFT Network is happy to announce our new product  “MARS Metaverse

MARS Metaverse” will reside inside the GAMERS Ecosystem.


What is Mars Project ?

MARS is a metaverse  platform where users can buy, sell and manage virtual property , work to earn money , or having fun with friends .
In short , MARS is the New Earth !


What are Mars Tickets ?

You need Mars Tickets to enter the Metaverse , space shuttles leaving earth quickly to colonies Mars , but only 100K Boarding Tickets available . 

Can I Sell These Tickets Later ?

These ticket are priceless , anyone want to enter the Metaverse will need to buy the ticket from you , you name the price 1K or 100K , nobody can force you to sell and nobody can enter without you sell the tickets , imagine how much the tickets will worth  !!!


How Can I Buy Mars Tickets ?

Fill the reservation form  , and choose how much tickets you want , after the reservation period ends , we will allocate tickets based on requested tickets numbers , then you can buy for your allocated tickets .