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Crypto Wallet Not Needed Any More !

Crypto Wallet Not Needed Any More !

Wallet Not Needed: Traditional gamers will now seamlessly earn crypto rewards without needing a crypto wallet.

GamersNetwork Allow Players to Play Web2 Games and Earn Crypto

GamerNFT Network : The first P2E crypto platform for PC and consoles, earn rewards without wallet


Gaming has too much of a rich history to simply walk away from, and we shouldn’t want to. Blockchain technology offers new possibilities, but these possibilities are grounded in the mechanics of pre-Web3 games. So, it makes sense that while we look forward to a blockchain gaming future, we also look back to see if we can retroactively use the technology to enhance the games we already love.


Wallet not needed GamersNetwork $GAMERS says that the platform will eliminate the technological, economic, and professional barriers that have held back gaming platforms. “The platform is designed for all gamers, from those who enjoy casually playing alone, to advanced players who will utilize the platform for e-sports, large contests and tournament competitions to increase gamer gains .


The corporate has determined its browser-based software will reward avid gamers with its official token $GAMERS for enjoying AAA video games like GTA V, Dota2 , League of Legends ,World of War Craft , and so forth. The $GAMERS token will present unique entry and options of GamersNetwork . Customers want to attach their Xbox or Ps account with the web site to finish challenges and earn rewards as gamer gains .


GamersNetwork  is the first-ever token and cryptocurrency-based play and earn platform serving traditional gamers – a community of hundreds of millions of people around the world that enjoy playing on PCs and consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. Offering an easy-to-use interface, the innovative platform will allow members to earn crypto with confidence through an automated contest lifecycle, which is impartial, transparent, and features instant payout settlement of gamer gains .


Gamer NFT Network
is an ambitious project that has never been attempted with this level of depth Connecting multi universes in one platform with Play2Earn, NFT, Streaming, Exchange, and more Gamers finally have their one-stop destination to turn into investors.


Turning Gamers into Investors

Cardano & Chainlink

First Cardano Gaming Platform Backed by Chainlink
Cardano's unique architecture ensures scalability and security at a level previously unseen in the cryptocurrency space, Backed by Chainlink to provide Stability&Sustainability.

Multi Universe

Multi Chain - Multi-Gaming Engines
Aggregating scalable solutions supporting Multi Chain - Multi-Gaming Engines, combines the best of both worlds into a full-fledged multi-chain-engines system.


Blockchain - NFT – Gaming
Turning Gamers into Investors by taking Blockchain to the Real Gaming World, connecting both to the wonderful NFT's, making the most powerful Triangle!