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WallStreetBets Brings Together Crypto & Art Basel Miami With First-Ever Boomer vs. Zoomer NFT Collection - Business Wire

its groundbreaking To The Moon event on November 30th. The invite-only experience for WSB Diamond Pass NFT Holders, Wall Street influencers, and art aficionados will feature one-of-a-kind interactive experiences with headline artist Derek Gores and his collaborators Cliffton Chandler, Noah Cook, and Oliv Roe.

Following WSB’s venture into digital collectibles with the launch of its genesis Diamond Hands NFT collection earlier this year, the iconic platform is collaborating with AK Art Consulting & Curating, Inc. (AK Art) to create the experience entitled “Token Mischief: What is Real & What is Art?” From the most traditional art mediums to the most avant garde creations of this digital age, guests will be immersed in an array of art experiences that will delight their senses and fundamentally question their concept of art.



GamerNFT Network

an ambitious project that has never been attempted with this level of depth,
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GamerNFT Network with the mission of turning Gamers into Investors is building first of a kind, all in one crypto gaming platform ,
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What Makes $GAMERS Unique ? 

GamerNFT Network is the first Platform to connect best AAA publisher games to blockchain , Dota2 ,League of Legends (LoL) , Robolox , Minecraft , Travian ,World of Warcraft, and more .